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About Peach Capital

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Our Mission Card

Our Mission

To provide entrepreneurs and business owners with the most cost-effective capital for commercial real estate available, revolutionizing the provision of SBA 504 loans for both lenders and borrowers.

Our Vision Card

Our Vision

At Peach Capital, we envision revolutionizing business finances, making them a catalyst for success. Our goal is to be the go-to source for transformative and cost-effective capital, shaping a tomorrow where ambitious dreams find their foundation in accessible financial support.

Our Values Card

Our Values

Integrity, Community, Commitment

Who we are?

PCFS® - Peach Capital Financing Solutions™ is a leading Commercial Capital Corporation dedicated to orchestrating financing solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Our primary avenues include the SBA 504 RightChoice loan and The 7(a) RightChoice General business loan. PCFS emerges as the preferred alternative to conventional banks and lending institutions, specializing exclusively in delivering commercial loans to this market segment.

At Peach Capital Financing Solutions, we transcend ordinary banking practices, eschewing dubious expectations. Throughout the entire loan process, our commitment to client communication is unwavering. We pride ourselves on delivering fast, truthful responses, unparalleled attention to detail, distinguished customer service, swift turnaround times, and the utmost professionalism. PCFS has earned considerable repute within its sphere of activity.

Peach Capital Financing Solutions is a national specialty loan consulting and SBA financing facilitator for commercial real estate loans tailored to business and business acquisition financing. Nationally collaborating with business buyers, business owners, and business brokers, PCFS excels in securing SBA loans and commercial loan financing for business acquisitions, with transaction values between $400,000 and $5,000,000. Over the past three years, PCFS has assisted numerous individuals in obtaining SBA loan financing for business purchases nationwide.

Working with an extensive network of over 250 lenders and financial institutions, Peach Capital Financing Solutions leverages key contacts specializing in this type of financing. Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to connect clients with the right people, departments, underwriters, and processors, ensuring deal financing within an expedited timeframe of 24 to 32 days.

Business Financing and Consulting Assistance:

Professional pre-qualification before making an offer on any deal.

Maintenance of client information for fast reference.

Identification and correction of potential weaknesses in future loan packages.

Consultation on financing feasibility for all potential deals.

Submit the custom loan package to long-term contacts for approval.

Ongoing assistance throughout the entire financing/loan process.

Why "Peach Capital Financing Solutions" Instead of "Commercial"?

The terms "Merchant" and "Commercial" are synonymous. "Commercial" encompasses the broader business, industry, and trade activities. Peach Capital Financing Solutions aligns seamlessly with the commercial ethos, catering to the diverse needs of our clients in the realm of commerce.

Our Story

Founded in March 2005 by Marcus Mavakala, Peach Capital Financing Solutions has evolved from its origins as Global International Investments Group to its current status as a specialized commercial finance firm. Recognizing the challenges small business owners face in meeting the capital requirements of ordinary bank financing, our founder embarked on a mission to assist entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams of commercial property ownership.

Over the years, Peach Capital Financing Solutions has honed its focus on small and mid-sized business financing, particularly through the US Small Business Administration's SBA 504 Loan program. Our commitment to a team approach, extensive experience, intellectual capital, and insider access sets us apart in the small business finance industry.

Key Differentiators of Peach Capital Financing Solutions (PCFS):

Team Approach: A committed team working together to assist clients in achieving their goals. Experience: True commercial finance professionals with hands-on experience in various aspects of the industry. Intellectual Capital: Authorship of numerous articles on commercial real estate and business finance topics. Creative Problem Solving: Ability to think beyond the conventional to solve complex commercial real estate finance problems. Insider Access: In-depth industry contacts and close professional relationships providing clients access to exclusive information and opportunities.

Marcus Mavakala - CEO and Principal of PCFS

Over 9 years of combined Real Estate, credit repair, and business finance industry experience.

Regarded as one of the top deal makers and investment advisors in the business finance and commercial real estate industry.

Facilitated over 300 residential, commercial real estate, and business loans transactions exceeding $1 billion in value.

Recognized SBA loans expert.

PCFS Commitments and Promises:

  • 48-hour pre-approval
  • 3-day commitment
  • Rates 0.25 to 0.50 Bps lower than the market
  • Up to 90% Loan to Cost for owner-user property
  • Fastest closing in the industry - 45 days
  • Lower payments with 25 to 30-year amortization
  • Personal assistance from application through closing

What We Do

Peach Capital Financing Solutions is an independent, licensed Small franchise Broker. Our primary focus is originating SBA 504 loans, small and mid-balance multifamily loans, and commercial loan debt for various investors and institutions nationwide.

Our Offerings:

SBA 504 RightChoice Loan

SBA GreenChoice 504 Loan

SBA 504 RightChoice Refinance Loan

SBA 7(a) RightChoice Working Capital Loan

SBA 8(a) Business Development Certification Program

Other Commercial Loan Types:

Distressed Acquisition Loans

Medical Receivables Factoring

Accounts Receivables Factoring

Purchasing Bulk Personal Injury Claims

Purchasing Bulk Worker's Compensation Claims

Bulk REO Financing

The debtor in Possession of Financing

Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out Refinance

Funding Bank Cram Down & Discounted Mortgage Notes

Construction Financing

Bridge Loans

Mezzanine Loans

Joint Venture Equity Financing

Assets Based Loans for Multi-family Apartment buildings

Commercial Loans

At Peach Capital Financing Solutions, we believe that commercial real estate ownership is a pathway to prosperity for business owners. Research indicates that a significant percentage of the world's wealthiest individuals attribute their success to owning businesses and investments, including commercial real estate.

In these challenging economic times, choosing the right mortgage company holds significant stakes for business owners. With direct and daily communication with senior underwriters and credit managers, Peach Capital Financing Solutions works collaboratively to overcome obstacles before they become potential "deal killers." Our passion for the SBA 504 RightChoice Loan and other commercial financing programs drives our dedication to our client's success.

Why We Do It

We are on a revolutionary mission to make small business owners wealthy, if not wealthier, by facilitating commercial real estate ownership. Our belief is grounded in the understanding that rich individuals commonly share the traits of owning property, businesses, and investments.

How We Do It

Peach Capital Financing Solutions distinguishes itself by offering flexible solutions beyond traditional banking. With in-house underwriters, proprietary software, and a streamlined decision-making process, we provide quick viability determinations. Our direct relationships with various funders ensure competitive rates and terms. Moreover, our expertise in assessing credit reports, analyzing financials, and navigating the intricacies of business plans sets us apart.

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Some photos of the Peach Capital Team

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Marcus Nzolameso Mavakala: Redefining Financial Success as the Visionary CEO of Peach Capital Inc.

Marcus Nzolameso Mavakala, a seasoned banking professional and a trailblazer in the world of finance, stands at the helm of Peach Capital Inc., a powerhouse in the small business finance industry. His journey from the corridors of JPMorgan to the creation and transformation of multiple ventures reflects not only his financial acumen but also his relentless pursuit of empowering entrepreneurs.

Early Career and Banking Expertise: With roots firmly embedded in the financial sector, Marcus commenced his illustrious career as a premier banker at Chase Bank JPMorgan in the early 2000s. Armed with a California Real Estate License, financial services Series 7 and 67 licenses, and experience as a life insurance agent, he quickly became a respected figure in the industry.

A Transformational Journey: The story of Peach Capital is a saga of evolution, resilience, and success. Marcus played a pivotal role in the company's transformation from Greenhill Funding in 2006 to Greenhill Group in 2013, and finally, the triumphant rebranding to Peach Capital in 2016. This evolution marked strategic shifts, each step a testament to Marcus's visionary leadership and commitment to excellence.

Life Coach and Financial Freedom Mentor: Beyond his corporate endeavors, Marcus has emerged as a Life Coach and Financial Freedom Mentor, leveraging his extensive knowledge to guide thousands via social media, videos, blogs, and public speaking. Over two decades, he has cultivated a vast set of skills, empowering individuals to elevate their financial confidence and achieve the freedom to live life on their terms.

Impressive Track Record: Marcus's dedication to his craft is evident in the remarkable 115 SBA loans funded, totaling an impressive $158,000,000. As the CEO of multiple Irving, Texas-based companies, including Solomon Harper Consulting, Marcus Mavakala International, and Peach Capital Inc., he has become synonymous with success in small business finance.

OneCare Credit Inc. and Peach Capital Inc.: OneCare Credit, under Marcus's guidance, stands as a credit and debt consulting firm on a mission to elevate clients' financial confidence by imparting knowledge on credit utilization and wealth creation. Peach Capital Inc., on the other hand, is dedicated to serving and fostering the small business industry, providing loan brokerage services, business coaching, and financing solutions such as SBA loans, lines of credit, and franchise financing.

A Published Authority: Marcus's influence extends beyond the boardroom. He is the published author of "The Corporate Credit Secrets Revealed" and "The Ultimate 13 Steps to Get Your Commercial Loan Approved." His publications serve as invaluable resources for those navigating the intricate landscape of commercial finance.

The Funding Doctor and Credit Maestro: In the eyes of peers and clients alike, Marcus is affectionately known as the "Funding Doctor" and the "Credit Maestro." His passion and dedication have not only brought financial success to countless entrepreneurs but have also garnered him praise for his transformative impact.

In the dynamic world of finance, Marcus Mavakala stands as a beacon of inspiration, guiding individuals and businesses toward financial success and freedom.

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